Charities Email Address List & Direct Mailing Database

Charities Email Address List

The Charities Email Address List will connect your business with charities all over the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. The charities Direct Mailing Database is ideal for telemarketing, e-mail marketing, direct mail marketing and much more. Instant download. Free lifetime updates.


Non Profit Benefit

There are plenty of charities out there, all supporting a wealth of noble causes. Cancer Research, the Make A Wish foundation, Samaritans, Shelter, Salvation Army. From anything from curing life threatening diseases, to prevent suicide and famine among the world’s most vulnerable populations, there’s always a cause to fight for.

The UK alone can pick up nearly £10 billion for good causes from well natured men and women, and that’s just for foreign aid such as building water pumps in Africa and supporting Earthquake relief.

Charities Email Address List & Direct Mailing Database

Charity, a breakdown...

It doesn’t take a genius to realise how many benefits charities provide to the wider community.

  • Charities protect the most vulnerable in our society, without putting pressure on local services and government to fund it.
  • They often address a lack of support where alternative funding can’t be found, and help people gain access to services they otherwise couldn’t afford.
  • They campaign to better medical care and sciences, and allow money to put into men and women’s interests by choice.

A whole host of B2B Business Leads...

Now you have access to every charity contact imaginable. No you don’t, we hear you say. Just picture yourself in these scenarios...

  • A large retail business with plenty of stores, looking to not only boost your profile, but support something worthwhile – with access to every registered charity in the country, collecting money for it will never be an issue.
  • Event co-ordinators looking for a relevant and worthy cause to tailor their attractions to.
  • Other charity proprietors looking to partner up with other non-profits to raise awareness of relevant subjects and boost their profiles.
  • Start up businesses looking for the backing of a relevant charity. A sponsorship can help raise awareness of the charity and what it stands for, and provide a great product for the community!

So what exactly do you get in our B2B Database?

You get the very best potential contacts available! See below!

  • Registered charity numbers and registered headquarter addresses for all operating charities in the country of your choice.
  • Telephone numbers for administrators and proprietors of the charities, including contact details of the treasurers!
  • Email addresses for all of the above!
  • Addresses for all related retail outlets selling goods which raise money for the cause!
  • Social Media for hundreds and hundreds of charities and good causes, allowing you to weigh in on the discussions!
  • Lots, lots more!

But why use our business leads?

Our results aren’t just the product of a night of Google searches, as some of our competitors might offer you. Our master crafted B2B database is the result of five years of hard work, travelling and meeting top industry experts and charity founders. And using our blend of modern and cutting edge technology, concocted it into a list that’s criminally easy to use.

So easy to use, in fact, we put it into a collection of .csv spreadsheets, allowing you to drop, drag and send so criminally easily. Now that’s an advantage too good to refuse!

But how exactly would you use it?

Charity newsletters.

Charity is a co-operative venture. Non-profits rarely compete with each other for funding, especially if they all fight for the same cause. So when it comes to your next fundraiser, plugging in all of your subscribers and business contacts will allow you to send out the perfect newsletter to absolutely all of them. You might find help comes from more than just the kind hearted public...

Email Opportunities...

You don’t even need to own a charity to see the benefits of having access to email. Being able to filter through the treasurers will help you pitch your request for sponsorship and help to those who hold the purse-strings. Maximise your chance of success by using the B2B leads to surgically plant your offer perfectly where it counts.

Telephone Non Profits

While avoiding the proverbial begging associated with charity, it can pay off... or pay those who desperately need it... to pick up the telephone to your related non-profits to pitch your idea in a way that you never could on paper. The power of two might just prevail!

Who’s supporting what?

Social media is ripe full of kind hearted, generous men and women looking for causes to support and ways to make their money work for others. It’s also ripe with what’s the most popular cause, so you can tailor your campaign to ensure you raise the most funds for your chosen case!

Can anything make this better?

There are people who need you! So we’ve made it easy! No waiting about for a physical disc or copy. In fact, you get an immediate access to our product in its entirety the moment your payment is verified.

And we’ll keep your product completed and up to date with frequent updates for the lifetime of your product! No monthly fees and admin costs, the price you pay today is the price you pay for good!

And why not give our free samples a while, and see what benefit you can get?

Any product bought for use in Europe will also be able to provide peace of mind as it is fully, 100% GDPR compliant!